How To Get Inbound Links To Your Site

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You have built your site with good consistent plain text navigation. You have dressed up your pages to look really great, have some killer original content and are adding more info on a regular basis. What Next???

The next step in getting your site to gain more traffic and to rank higher in the search engines is to get quality links from other sites to point to your site. I have written before that these links are considered by the search engines to be a “vote” for your site and the more votes that your site has the higher it will rank. Not to mention the traffic gained from the links themselves.

So what can you do? Should you just wait for quality sites to find you and link to you? High ranking sites are not in the habit of giving links to new or lower ranking sites. You can buy or trade links, but usually the sites willing to do this are seen as just that, a link farm whose links are never seen and usually their ranking is not very high anyway.

The best way to get other sites to link to you is to provide the other sites with great content so they will want to link to you. One way links to your site are viewed as an endorsement of your content and are much more valuable, but first they have to know that you’re there.

I have tried many things. Commenting on other blogs that are in the same field as mine, writing articles for free distribution, joining different business groups to network. I’ve also found it useful to speak to my customers about the kinds of things that they are doing.

I recently read a post by Debra Mastaler on her blog The Link Spiel called “Help! I’m New, I Need Links, What Can I Do?” and it provides some great ideas for free or low cost link building.


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