Inbound Links Are The Best Way To Help Your Search Rankings

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Whenever I’m at a networking or social event where someone asks about my business, there is always someone who wants to know what they can do for their site to be number one on the search results page for whatever it is that they are selling or promoting.

My first answer is usually the same one. “You need quality one-way links from high ranking sites that point to your information.”

I then wait for their surprise and follow up, “You mean there’s no secret formula that you can use on my site to (magically) do it?”

I try to explain, “Of course, you need to have the search engines be able to find and index your pages, but then it’s mostly about having good inbound links.”

Sometimes I get a blank stare, sometimes just disbelief, but usually I get The Magic Question. “Why would a high ranking site want to link to mine?”

I usually answer, “That’s exactly what every site owner needs to ask themself. I also believe the best way to get links is to first have content on your site that’s worth linking to.”

I also try to offer more help and send them to this blog where I have written many times about how to promote your site with the search engines. I also read a post recently by Mike Grehan on the ClickZ site that can help.

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  1. Jim,
    Would it be a good idea to do a link swap with one of your customers websites to help achieve this?

    Comment by John Grime — August 14, 2009 @ 8:41 am

  2. Hi John,
    Swapping links used to work, but they have been devalued and pretty much cancel each other out now.

    Comment by Jim — August 14, 2009 @ 9:24 am

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