Is Social Media Worth The Time?

I have had an account on FaceBook and LinkedIn for quite a while now, but only recently have I started to use them. I also thought about Twitter, but decided that I really only have the time to concentrate on one of them. I picked LinkedIn for that because I thought it was geared more toward business and that’s really what I’m in it for.

I don’t know if any of them will actually do me any good or just waste my time. I have already spent quite a bit of time working on my profile, answering questions and generally trying to be a good neighbor, but have only noticed a large increase in spam business newsletters in my inbox.

The Nielsen Company is reporting that social networking is way up (big surprise) and has now passed email in Internet communication. Since I’m looking at social media in terms of helping my business I’m wondering if it’s replacing legitimate business communication or is it mostly the jokes and chain email that your friends and family send to you. I’m guessing it’s the latter, but I will keep my options open since it sometimes takes only one or two good new contacts to make a business.

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