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I have written before about Google Webmaster Help, but I haven’t talked about Google Webmaster Tools. This is a great resource for anyone who owns a website that lets you know many things about how Google sees your site. They give you reports that you can download about how they crawl and index your site. There is information about diagnostics, statistics, links and sitemaps.

Any one of these make it worth signing up for these free tools, but they just added something that makes it a “Must Have” for any site owner/webmaster.

Google used to try their best to contact any webmaster whenever there was a significant problem with their site (hosting malware, etc) and they were in danger of being banned. Unfortunately spammers saw this as an opportunity to send out spoof emails phishing for anything they could get so Google was forced to discontinue this practice.

Now they’ve added a webmaster message center to the webmaster console. So when you log into your account you can instantly see if there is any major problem.

If you haven’t signed up for Google Webmaster Tools yet you should consider doing so right now.


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