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Tiltomo a Visual Search tool that makes it easier to find the images you like. Their approach is to allow free thinking, where search results are influenced by what you see. Their system encourages you to make a broad search and narrow the types of images you like. It’s as simple as searching a keyword, then clicking the image you like. to see more. They feel this way of searching allows you to follow your own creative path, and find images that you might not normally look for.

They have created two separate image databases. These work independently of each other. They are:

1. A 24 hour snapshot of around 140,000 general images that have been uploaded to flickr. These cover a variety of subjects and have many different tags; it’s a great place to test the “Theme” aspect of their search.

2. The Catchy Colors group. It has a large number of images that are visually stunning; it’s a great place to test thier “100% Color / Texture search”.


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