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May 30, 2012 - Filed under: Information,products,Recommendations

I’ve been writing about my new NetTalk box for local and long distance calls.

As I mentioned I got the box and it worked well, so I put it away and waited for them to port over my existing phone number to my NetTalk box (for free).

Yesterday was the day and about 10PM my current phone stopped working, so I plugged in my NetTalk box and connected the phone. The number was still the same, but in about 10 minutes it switched. Seems to be working well, good sound quality on WiFi. All for $65 for the first year and $30 each year after that.

I plan to take it with me on vacation to see how well it travels. More to come.

I also want to mention that my credit for returning the MagicJack box came very fast.

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  1. I hope it still works well even while you are travelling! I hope to hear more from your experience using NetTalk too so please keep in much! I really want to switch to NetTalk but I think I still need a little more of it’s credibility before I do.

    Comment by John Ernest — June 10, 2012 @ 12:15 am

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