Could this be the solution for payments

If you have a payment (credit card) system at your store you should read this: Former Head of Google Wallet Debuts a Universal Payments Terminal

Review: I Like my Roku3

I recently bought a Roku 3 to replace an old VuNow box that I’ve had for many years. I’m probably one of the first cord cutters (6 years in Feb) and I’m always looking for new ways to stream to my TVs. The Roku was much easier to use than my old box. I especially […]

Review of the OBi100, Good Stuff

I wrote a while back that I was looking for a replacement for my T-Mobile @Home service. Even though I was very happy with it, I was moving my cell phone service to Republic Wireless (which I highly recommend) so I needed to get a new home phone service or drop it all together. I […]

NetTalk porting

I’ve been writing about my new NetTalk box for local and long distance calls. As I mentioned I got the box and it worked well, so I put it away and waited for them to port over my existing phone number to my NetTalk box (for free). Yesterday was the day and about 10PM my […]

If you are thinking about connecting your TV to the web

Last post I mentioned that thought “connected TVs” would limit your choices too much. This looks like an interesting little box running android. Just a browser and media player. All you really need Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this box myself, but the specs look good. I had Android 2.2 on my phone and it’s pretty […]

Don’t buy a “connected” TV (yet)

If you know me you probably know that I dropped cable TV about two years ago. My friends asked me how I was going to be able to see anything at all with just an antenna and an Internet connection. I had done my research, so I knew what I could get and also believed […]

Everyday lessons on security

I went to a BLX Luncheon today. The Pittsburgh Business Leads Exchange is a great networking group that I highly recommend. Today’s speakers were addressing security, something I have a keen interest in. First, John McCool spoke about ID theft and there were some interesting ideas. John’s talk got the next speaker Paul Gatto of […]

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