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When I am writing about designing sites and promoting them I often talk about optimizing a site or a page for the search engines so that they will find your site and will send you visitors. After all, there is good traffic and bad traffic, but having more visitors come to our site to do whatever you want them to do is what we are all after.

Recently, I was speaking with someone about what I do and they started throwing around jargon like “meta tags” in a way that made me think that they knew the buzzwords, but really didn’t have an understanding of what they were about. Being a social setting I just kept my mouth shut and let them go on, but here ind today’s post I thought I would include a link to help beginners understand some basic SEO terms.

On Site Pro News there is an article by Mike Tekula called “For SEO Beginners: Twelve Definitions You Need To Know”. Of course there is much more, but this is a very good start.


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