Things Are Sure Not Like They Used To Be

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This morning I’m sitting in the car dealer’s waiting room as I wait for my car. I’m driving to the beach in a couple of weeks and I want to make sure that we get there and back safely.

As I type this post using the dealers Wi-Fi connection (I could have also tethered my phone to my laptop), drinking their fancy coffee and watching their large flatscreen TV, I got to thinking about customer service, doing my work, everywhere I do it and how this wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago.

What got me started on this is that I still keep reading about the entertainment industry suing their customers, not allowing customers to use their own media on multiple devices and forcing the providers to raise prices. Now according to Techdirt one of the bands that were used against The Pirate Bay in the file sharing lawsuit against them has just released their next album, on The Pirate Bay. Think this might help their appeal?

Not that it really matters, win or lose they will go on in some form because that’s what people want. My point is that times change and the way you do business has to change with the times. It’s your job to figure a way to make it profitable, not the customers. It’s not just the music industry or the movie industry it’s all business. The ones that try to force feed their old way of doing business down their customers throats will lose, go away and be replaced by one who give the consumers what they want and the way they want it. Even if they’re pirates.

From the whoops dept…

Band Used By The Prosecution In Pirate Bay Case Releases Latest Album… On The Pirate Bay

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