SEO is Simple – My Rules

Search engines and their algorythms are constantly changing. So the exact rules for being found by the search engines are not known, but here are also some old mainstays that don’t really change.

SEO is Simple – My Rules

Rule 1 – Have good navigation that search engines (and humans) can read and follow

  • If they don’t know it’s there how can they see it?

Rule 2 – Have good content and keep adding more.

  • The first thing I say is to have something that people actually want to see or use.
    Simple rule, but often ignored.
  • Then, letting your visitors speak about your content adds new content and more value.

Rule 3 – You need to have other, preferably high ranking sites link to you.

  • Same thing. Give people (not search engines) what they want to see so they will want link to you.
    Then help them do it. Pay walls are death!

Social network sites, like facebook and Twitter are a really great way to add high ranking links to your site and also attract good conversation. It’s important to remember that they own your conversation when it’s on their site. Conversation on your own site then becomes much more valuable for you, so it’s best to try to direct people there. First to publish many times is seen as the *owner* by Google.

My Rules For Good Conversation

  • First and most important is admit when you are wrong.
    Try to fix your mistake as best you can and move on.
  • Don’t try to censor criticism. Answer it!
  • Add value to the conversation.
    Keep the self promotion to a minimum.
    Let your fans promote you
  • There are programs to plug your blog into social networking sites. Publish your own content on your own site first. You are viewed as the owner of the content and it helps encourage conversation on your site.
  • Some people ask me about planning a viral campaign, video or email.
    The answer is, it’s really hard to do. The best ones usually just happen, but if you don’t put something out there to be shared, it guaranteed won’t ever happen.
  • To recap, be yourself and listen well
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