Why is Homeland Security seizing domains

The department of Homeland Security has taken the domains of several foreign companies for no good reason, except maybe that they index sports streams and the SuperBowl is coming up.

I have many problems with this including.

  1. What does this have to do with Homeland Security?
  2. They’re only indexing streams. No different than Google
  3. One of the site is legal in Spain (been through their courts)
  4. This is civil. Why is the gov shilling for the media companies?
  5. No due process. As unAmerican as it gets

As far as I can tell none of these sites are down and are still running under non-US controlled domains (http://www.rojadirecta.ws/) So it’s mostly a big show on our governments part, but still very scary for any website owner when they can come and take your domain name without any warning or cause.

It may be time to switch to (or at least add) a non-US controlled domain name for your site.

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