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One of the things that I believe and talk about is that one of the best ways to build a profitable business these days is to give something away. I have written about how I like to give away free information because that sets me apart from the people and companies in my industry who believe the best way to preserve their market is to hide what they do and call it a secret formula that no one else can match.

I believe that there are almost no secret formulas today, especially on the Internet. By giving away the details of what I do shows my ability and expertise. It also casts a light on the darkness of the “secret formula” and lets people know that there probably is no such thing.

I have had many people ask me how do you make money with free? It’s a valid question and I answer that once I have written (or bought) the information it’s the perfect product to give away. It can be freely replicated and distributed for almost nothing. Then by showing them what I can do my potential clients are much more likely to hire me to do their work. Some of them may even be able do the work for themself, but this way I can show them that I can do it better and/or their time is better spent elsewhere.

I also argue that you can also make money by giving away something that costs you money. Here’s a great example of a restaurant that’s giving away free food on Mondays. Not only is their business making more money on Mondays, but they have been able to cut their paid advertising in general because the free food promotion is getting so much exposure.

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