Giving Away Free Information – Part 1

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Today there is an article by Scott Buresh called “Understanding the True Value of a Resource Library for Your Website”. Scott talks about the value of giving away unbiased information on your website and how it can help you improve your status with the search engines. How that will help your site succeed in the […]

Finally something is free!

Guest blog post by Meg Huwar, Huwar Marketing & Media Services. They say nothing in life is free…well not anymore! Introducing SpOfferZ! SpOfferZ (Special Offers) is a website developed by me. SpOfferz features coupons for discounts on products and services. Unlike most of the “daily deals” this site provides advertisers with one free coupon. The […]

Good free lesson on marketing

There’s a new free ebook from Google called Improving Online Conversions for Dummies. They lean toward adwords, but that’s how they make their money. If you’re interested in buying or selling ads from your site, it’s explained well. There is another benefit, too. You can learn how visitors are probably going to behave on your […]

My #1 Promotion Is To Give Something Away Free

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I saw a post on LinkedIn today by Mike Clough called Top 10 Advertising Tips For Small Business. I was interested in the title so I went to the site and read the article. I liked what he had to say, but for me the #1 promotion is to give something away for free. Information […]

You Can Make Money With Free

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One of the things that I believe and talk about is that one of the best ways to build a profitable business these days is to give something away. I have written about how I like to give away free information because that sets me apart from the people and companies in my industry who […]

Giving Free Stuff Can Help You Make Money

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I have always been a believer that especially on the web the best way to grow your site is to give something away for free. I first noticed this very early on when many of the webs first sites gave away many different things to grow. The most successful ones gave away information. There were […]

Your Personal Information Is Not Yours

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A couple of things happened to me this week that made me say Hmmmmmmm. I find it interesting how often things happen in groups. Maybe when I’m doing or thinking about an issue I’m just “tuned in” to finding more. First I got a postcard form my old High School, Taylor Allderdice. They are putting […]

How To Make Money With Free

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One of the things that I like to write about, because I believe in, is giving away something to help promote your business. I also think that free information is one of the best products that you can give away. I have written before about how this can work. Here are some of the examples. […]

Good Free Tools – Wall Street Journal Small Business Help

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The Wall Street Journal has added a great new small business section to their website that’s free to use for anyone. They cover a wide range of topics from financing to advertising and promotion. I just recently found this site and started to explore. I had thought that WSJ was a subscription only site and […]

Is It Worth It To Give Away Information?

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One of the things that I think and write about in my business Is It Worth It To Give Away Information? It’s one of the things that I believe in, have based my business on and I think that in the end it will also make you the most money. I am a supported of […]

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