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Scott Ginsberg is an author and speaker who wears a nametag 24/7 to make people friendlier. He recently wrote a post called “The power of FREE?”

I am a big fan of Free. Some of the biggest sites on the Internet have been built by giving away free stuff (Google). So what can you or I give away for free to attract visitors to our sites?

I believe information is the perfect product. Storage is available at very little cost, there is no need for a warehouse. Shipping is virtually free via the Internet. Even though that may not always be the case it should still be very economical. Information can be created or purchased and then given away or even sold over and over again.

Types of information I have to give away. Feel free to use these ideas or think of your own:

  • Website design and promotion ideas.
  • Templates of websites.
    Basic designs of websites can be templates that the customer can copy and
    plug their own information into.
  • A directory of cool places to visit (see “Friday Fun Stuff” on this blog)
  • Software and instructions.
    There are many free open source programs that will do almost any application.
    I will recommend the best of these programs to my customer to download for
    free and help them install, set up, and run them. Save that help as an e-book
    and after that you have it for anyone else who needs help with that program.


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