Can Small Businesses Really Afford SEO?

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There is a very interesting discussion going on in a post on the search engine land site by Stoney deGeyter called Can Small Businesses Really Afford SEO?

I’m thinking that small business can’t afford not use SEO for their sites. It’s the only thing that really levels the playing field with the big boys. Even as the big players are putting up more and more pages and sites in order to build more links to themselves in order to build up their Page Rank, search engines are probably already thinking about neutralizing this. The search engines are always working to provide their customers (the people searching) with the most relevant results and that could be you. Your job is to let them know about exactly what you have to offer and present it in a way that will appeal to both your human visitors, as well as the spiders. There are so many things about SEO that are just simple common sense and are fairly easy and inexpensive to implement.I have written a couple of articles that may help
Why Should A Search Engine Trust You?
SEO is Really Pretty Simple


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