Hatteras Outer Banks 2010

Just back from the beach and I feel great! It was a wonderful week, it only rained Wednesday (late at night). That’s perfect weather two years in a row. We stayed in the same house as last year, maybe that’s it. First time to stay in the same house twice since the mid 90’s. I […]

Android Now Has Encrypted Phone Calls

This is pretty cool stuff. You can now encrypt your Android phone calls and text messages to prevent any kind of wiretapping. Android App Aims to Allow Wiretap-Proof Cell Phone Calls

Problems With GoDaddy Hosting

It looks like there may be some very significant problems with GoDaddy website hosting. If you are using them you may want to read this. Hosting With GoDaddy? Might Want To Rethink That Decision

Good Free Software For Almost Anything

I have been using NoNags for almost 15 years now and I have never been disappointed in one of their recommendations. and Everything is free! http://www.nonags.com/

Be Alerted Any Changes To Your Website

I recently helped get rid of some malware from a site. Bad stuff was inserted into every page. In addition to the crap in the site’s 16 pages there were over five thousand extra pages with malware. Apparently it was there for quite a while. We deleted the bad stuff and secured the site and […]

More Things That I Like

I recently wrote a post called New Year’s Recommendations Here are a few more of my favorites. I like The GIMP It’s a great photo editor with many more features than I’ll ever use. As good as any professional program, it works on almost any machine and it’s free. How cool is that? Irfanview is […]

In Honor Of 9-11

category Information,security

In honor of everyone who was affected by the 9-11 disaster, I’m linking to this post called Refuse to be Terrorized by Bruce Schneier from August 24, 2006. I encourage everyone to read it (again).

Wireless Data Theives Are Everywhere

category security

At my vacation house this year the owner provided a free wireless internet connection that anyone in our house (and probably a few surrounding houses) could use while they were staying there. I mentioned to my niece who also brought her laptop along that it was possible (but not likely where we were) when using […]

Twitter Is A New Hotbed For Spammers

category Information,security

Because Twitter is almost all public pages, as opposed to sites like facebook being mostly private pages hid behind your user id and password, most anyone can read your tweets. Spammers who are always looking for new and inovative ways to harvest their “victims” have realized this and are now picking up a huge number […]

You May Be A Spammer And Not Even Know It

category Information,security

Got quite a few bounced emails today from some spammer who is forging my domain name on their crap. I’m guessing it’s probably someone who got my email address from one of my Craigslist replies. What a pain in the butt! All of the IP addresses on the bounces seem to be from somewhere in […]

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