Everyday lessons on security

I went to a BLX Luncheon today. The Pittsburgh Business Leads Exchange is a great networking group that I highly recommend.

Today’s speakers were addressing security, something I have a keen interest in. First, John McCool spoke about ID theft and there were some interesting ideas.

John’s talk got the next speaker Paul Gatto of Verizon Wireless Zone, on to the security track as well. He mentioned that it’s a good idea to put something on your smartphone to lock it up remotely if it’s ever lost or stolen.

That got me thinking about Prey.

Prey lets you keep track of not just your phone, but also your laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t hog your machine’s resources, it’s open source software which I love, and free for anyone to use.

Not only will it lock up your phone (and track it), you can also run it on your laptop and have your machine take pictures of the one who has it and send them to you. Very Cool!


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