How to Hire a Good SEO Expert

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For most online merchants, it’s a simple equation: the higher they rank in search engines, the more shoppers they attract.

Given that all-important formula, many e-tailers lose sleep pondering two pressing questions: how can I increase my search engine presence? How can I boost my ranking on as many search terms as possible?

They know that simply submitting their site to Google and Yahoo and then expecting a high ranking is like waiting for rain in the desert. Yeah, it might show up. Someday.

Of course, many merchants pay for high visibility using certain keywords ? spending a fortune on pay-per-click advertising. But the real goldmine — the true sweet spot — is getting a high organic (that is, unpaid) search ranking.

That’s hard to do. It’s a crowded online marketplace, and the search engines use a complex ? and secret ? algorithm to determine ranking, constantly tweaking it to avoid being tricked. It’s not like the old days, when you could hide the word “sex” in your meta tags and drive hordes of people to your site about lawn mowers.


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