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I had lunch with a friend the other day. He is a graphic artist and like me mostly worked for other companies. He has been in business for himself only a couple of years.

I was explaining my love of free open source software to him. I had my computer with me and I showed him how The GIMP and Blender were professional grade programs that he could use in his work and because they are free he could always have the most current versions to use. I told him that these programs because they are open source are constantly being improved by thousands and thousands of developers who’s main goal is only to make the programs better.

My friend who prefers a MAC seemed really thrilled by the fact that most of these programs are available for most any operating system. He said to me that there should be a place where a person could see the best of these programs in one place and I remembered OpenDisk.com.

Open Disk is a site that compiles the best of the best free open source software and back in the days of slow Internet connections and long downloads they would sell you a cd with all of these programs on it. I had a quick look and they are still there picking the best and most popular open source software and compiling it in one place. You can download them all at once or they list links to all of the individual programs so you can just download the ones that you want.

If you are interested in trying out this free open source thing visit the Open Disk site and see what’s available. These programs are not going to add any bad things to your computer. By releasing the source code to these programs everyone is free to look at how the software works and insures that you can’t hide anything bad in the code.

Most of the programs are available for all Operating Systems and best of all they are FREE. So what do you have to lose?



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